History | GENEX Services


The following timeline marks GENEX’s major milestones and provides perspective on how the disability management industry has evolved.


GENEX Services, LLC acquired M Hayes, a leading case management firm for the workers’ compensation and disability insurance markets.

GENEX Services, Inc. is acquired by Apax Partners, a private equity investment group.


GENEX Services, Inc. acquired Network Synergy Group (NSG), a national occupational healthcare management company that provides physical and occupational therapy network services.


GENEX Services, Inc. became the largest case management provider in the nation through its acquisition of the Intracorp workers' compensation and disability case management business from CIGNA.


GENEX Services, Inc. became one of the four largest radiology networks in the nation through its acquisition of Professional Diagnostic Management (PDM), a national provider of radiology network services to the worker’s compensation market.

GENEX Services, Inc. acquired the Telephonic Case Management business unit of Claimetrics.


GENEX Services, Inc. acquired American Rehabilitation, Inc. (ARI), a regional provider of case management services to the worker’s compensation market.


GENEX Services, Inc. is acquired by Trident IV, L.P. (Trident IV) a private equity fund managed by Stone Point Capital LLC.

GENEX Services, Inc. acquired Choice Medical Management from Unisource Administrators, Inc. changing its name to Choice Provider Network, A Division of GENEX Services, Inc.


GENEX Services, Inc. acquired Independent Review Services (IRS), a provider of Medical Diagnostic Networks (MDN) and Independent Medical Examinations (IME). The network was renamed GENEX Medical Diagnostic Network.


GENEX Services, Inc. acquired IBM (Integrated Benefits Management, L.L.C.) and retained the name of GENEX Services, Inc.


GENEX Services, Inc. acquired ROI and retained the name of GENEX Services, Inc.


Provident Companies, Inc. merged with Unum creating UnumProvident Corporation.


GENEX Services, Inc. was acquired by the Provident Companies, Inc. headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Corporation’s Name Changed to GENEX Services, Inc.

Merged with Bluebird Acquisition Corporation retaining the name GENEX Services, Inc.


General Rehabilitation Services merged with General Care Review, Inc. retaining the name General Rehabilitation Services.


October 23, General Rehabilitation Services incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.