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Medical Bill Review Services

Do you have the visibility you need throughout the bill lifecycle to help control medical costs while remaining compliant? GENEX’s Medical Bill Review Service helps companies improve bill analysis to make better claims decisions, realize deeper savings throughout the claims process, and optimize workers’ compensation programs using comprehensive bill review data. This service, combined with tenured bill review expertise, integrates bill review information seamlessly across systems and services to provide much needed visibility and deliver analytics-driven program enhancements.

Why Choose GENEX’s Medical Bill Review Services?

  • Advance bill analysis for better claims decision making
  • Improve outcomes with early identification and clinical intervention
  • Drive consistency throughout review process
  • Reduce time spent routing claims
  • Achieve maximum savings on every bill
  • Receive accurate payment recommendations
  • Comply with state regulatory and data call requirements
  • Leverage dedicated compliance and clinical expertise
  • Continual system customization based on program-specific analytics
  • Easily implement additions or changes within our flexible, adaptive platform

For more information, view our Medical Bill Review Fact Sheet