Disability and Absence Management Specialty Services

Genex’s Disability and Absence Management Specialty Services provide high-quality, customizable services driven by specialized disability management expertise to help payers reduce claims costs, improve processing efficiency and comply with regulatory requirements.

This Solution Helps Mitigate

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Regulatory & Jurisdictional Fines

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Lost Time & Productivity

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High Disability Costs

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Lack of Disability Resources

Legal Expenses

Legal Expenses

Control Disability Expenses

Comprehensive Disability Expertise

Our in-house disability experts provide comprehensive services throughout disability, FMLA, and ADAAA environments, including independent medical exams (IMEs), return-to-work programs, clinical assessments, medical case management, vocational expertise, IME peer reviews, second opinion exams and ADAAA accommodation reviews.

Optimal Case Resolution

Customizable Service Processes

Our service processes are customer-driven. We tailor our processes to fit your existing claims environment. You avoid process disruption and can easily refer cases with smooth transition between services. You also receive consolidated reporting across all lines of service.

Remain Compliant

ECN's Disability Medical Evaluations

ECN's Disability Medical Evaluations give payers access to specialized peer to peer, second and third opinions and independent medical exams for disability claims. You can rely on accurate and defensible reports to validate your disability claims and FMLA and ADAAA decisions. Only ECN’s specialized disability network delivers high-quality medical evaluations driven by objective expertise and hard data so you can reduce claims delays and unnecessary expenses. 

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Control Disability Expenses

Integrated Absence Management Services

Our integrated Absence Management Services help administrators and employers achieve better disability claims outcomes and enable faster and sustained return to work. Only Genex provides national hands-on disability case management, specialized onsite capabilities that complement employee benefits programs, and customizable disability claims management solutions so you can control and contain corporate disability costs. 

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STD and ADAAA Services for Employers

Reviewing and managing STD and ADAAA claims without clinical expertise and medical knowledge can prove not only arduous but ineffective and ultimately more costly. Genex experts manage your claims to better outcomes. Our hands-on disability case management expertise, specialized onsite capabilities, and customized claims programs improve productivity and reduce absence management costs while ensuring all compliance criteria is being met.

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High-Quality Services

You can rely on URAC-accredited services to deliver time-sensitive claims information and decisions to help you remain compliant and accelerate return to work. We provide transparency into program performance and all expenses so you only pay for contracted charges.

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Compliance Expertise in All Jurisdictions

Our nationwide network of disability and absence management experts work with you to not only ensure you meet all regulatory and jurisdictional mandates, but also help integrate compliance of your own plans and policies into your overall program.

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Robust Information Security

Only Genex integrates specialty services into existing claims environments to improve claims management and outcomes while ensuring information remains secure. Our services offer PHI production, are SOC II Type 2 and HIPAA compliant. We also provide a comprehensive disaster recovery plan so you can ensure all personal data remains secure. 


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Leave Management

Meeting the challenges of leave management today is like solving an incredibly complicated puzzle with pieces that continue to change before your eyes. LeaveXpert, from Optis, a subsidiary of Genex, is a leave management system that reduces your administrative burden, ensures compliance with FMLA and other types of leave, and gives you immediate access to leave information to help you make better business decisions — right out of the box.

With ADAInteract, you no longer need to struggle with managing the complexities of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and its amendment, the ADAAA. ADAInteract increases efficiency in the disability accommodations process by providing a centralized system for managing every accommodation request — and the entire ADAAA interactive process.

Need better control over your disability costs?

To help reduce claims costs, improve processing efficiency and comply with regulatory and jurisdictional mandates, download our brochure. Together, we will begin to build an absence management program to meet your company's unique needs.