Physical Therapy Network

In 2011, GENEX purchased Network Synergy Group (NSG) to offer a unique solution for physical rehabilitation services. Since 1997, NSG has successfully provided solutions for physical therapy management through direct savings in medical and administrative costs, as well as shortened durations of therapy treatment.

NSG’s Condition Rate Program (CRP) allows our client to pay one flat fee for standard physical and occupational therapy for the life of the condition, regardless if the patient goes for 10 visits or 50 visits. In turn, NSG utilizes a proprietary reimbursement model for our providers. It is a pay-for-performance model that realigns incentives of treating providers. NSG programs reward treating therapists that deliver medically necessary treatment to rehabilitate patients so they can return to a functional status.

NSG’s Visit Rate Program pricing model is based on a discount below the state fee schedule with a price cap per visit. This pricing methodology prevents unnecessary modalities from being charged and supports NSG’s commitment that our clients receive the best possible outcome. The Visit Rate Program is powered by NSG’s scheduling and quality network which delivers superior customer service. This model ensures patients are scheduled within 48 hours of a referral being received. NSG’s extensive network of providers also ensures that the patient is scheduled with a therapist within a convenient distance to work or home. This helps maximize treatment outcomes by ensuring patients consistently complete their treatment plan.

NSG’s physical and occupational therapy programs are dedicated to superior outcomes, controlling utilization, and paying our provider partners for performance while focusing on the highest quality of patient care.

For complete national coverage, GENEX also utilizes a specialized network outside of NSG to provide a unique integrated approach to physical medicine management that meets our goal to reduce expenditures while at the same time ensures rapid and appropriate return to work.

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