Over the past few years, Big Data has captured the interest of the nation’s business leaders. Organizations seeking new strategies to improve workers’ compensation programs are also beginning to explore the potential of Big Data as a strategy to increase control over everything from cost, utilization, return to work, and even network development. 

However, companies are finding there are often more questions than effective working solutions. There’s a lot of data, but not a lot of ways to turn that information into meaningful actions. That’s why Genex has created a new approach to Big Data – one that focuses on analytics through an innovative array of Applied Analytics Tools. Genex answers the “so what?” of Big Data. 

Genex helps companies improve visibility into medical exposure and answer meaningful questions that impact WC programs to ultimately optimize program design effectiveness and efficiency. Using comprehensive medical spend analytics that are synthesized by experienced data analysts and industry experts, we provide more than just reports – we deliver actionable decisions that lead to quality, performance, and cost improvements.

What does our 360° Data Analysis mean for you?

  • Quickly identify cases with potential for high loss
  • Predict which claims would benefit from case management
  • Minimize inappropriate utilization patterns
  • Improve patient health and safety
  • Directly tie information reporting to tangible goals
  • Identify and quantify opportunities for WC program improvement
  • Reduce fraud
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Whitepaper: Using Big Data to Make Big Changes in Network Development
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