Easy to use and flexible to adapt to your workflow process, Genex’s Independent Medical Examinations (IME) delivers the reports you need, when you need them. The experienced IME staff in Genex’s regional service centers review referred claims and select consulting physicians to evaluate the medical condition and address claim concerns.

Genex IMEs provide fair and objective examinations of the individual and clinical records, resulting in a high-quality report for all parties involved. Our tight-managed network of highly-credentialed physicians provide IMEs in all specialties across multiple lines of insurance. Our consulting physicians offer convenient access to local clinics and offices for IMEs, providing extensive geographic coverage incorporating all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Why Choose Genex?

Easy to use 

  • Predictable service process
  • Seamless intgration with Case Management
  • Business model and workflow adaptability

Key Features

  • National QQA Oversight
  • Objective, unbiased, evidence-based IMEs
  • Tightly-manged,national network of doctors

Exceptional customer service, superior scheduling and report turnaround times makes Genex the IME of choice for many workers’ comp payers.

“I use Genex IME because it is very easy to make a referral and the job always gets done without any issues. When I need something I always get a live person.”- Brian Swan, Adjuster

“I choose Genex for IMEs because I always know the kind of service that I’m going to get and the referral process is a seamless as it gets.”- Lynneiya Motyka, Adjuster

“I select Genex as my IME vendor of choice because I enjoy working with the local staff. I can always depend on the reports coming back timely and Genex is always making sure that the IME report addresses all of the questions that I am asking for.” - Yvette Fredericks, Adjuster