Preventing work injuries and ensuring safe and sustained return to work are necessary for containing workers’ compensation costs and improving worksite productivity. Genex’s comprehensive suite of services provides in-house ergonomics consulting, detailed onsite physical demands analysis (PDA), and seamless integration of return-to-work programs across the continuum of managed care services.

Ergonomics services help prevent or eliminate the likelihood of injuries through the identification of potential ergonomics issues. Ergonomics related risk factors are identified, quantified, and eliminated or controlled by offering specific solutions ensuring that jobs and tasks are within workers’ capabilities.

Physical demands analysis (PDA) takes place onsite and is performed by expert ergonomics evaluators using gauges for weights, forces, and measurements. A biomechanical description of the essential functions of a job and physical demands required to perform them is created and used to match the physical demands of the job with employee abilities. A PDA is the cornerstone of determining causation, medical treatment plans, return to work, and accommodation.

Return-to-work (RTW) programs and formal processes allow for seamless integration of return-to-work planning across the continuum of managed care services. A customizable, step-by-step process to return employees back to full-time jobs through transitional or modified tasks is implemented to ensure safe and sustained return to work.