We can help clients design the perfect network strategy to keep their managed care program current while controlling costs. Our extensive, nationwide network selection allows clients with multiple locations to select from among networks best suited to their individual requirements, maximizing their network efficiency to provide optimal results.

The Genex network solution offers an outcomes-driven PPO, optimal access, quality, and unit cost discounts for our clients. Year after year, we consistently demonstrate improved gross savings as well as market-leading PPO charge penetration and savings.

Genex Provider Pathway

Genex clients have 24/7 access to a secure online tool that enables them to directly search for network providers. The Genex Provider Pathway system is versatile and powerful, and gives clients more quality control and functionality when seeking providers. A key advantage of the tool is its ability to highlight best practice providers, those with the best medical and return-to-work outcomes.

To find a provider in your area, please click here to access the Genex Provider Pathway system.

Please note that this system is available for authorized users only. If you are not currently an authorized user and would like to become one, please contact us.