The CHOICE Provider Network delivers a highly qualified and educated workers’ compensation network of providers in Florida dedicated to realigning the incentive presently functioning within our workers’ compensation system. Our providers deliver consistent quality care and work closely with our clients to return their injured employees to work. Our network improves network penetration, reduces lost-time claims, reduces litigation, and lowers the average cost per claim.

Using a proprietary methodology, the CHOICE Provider Network targets the most experienced workers' comp physicians. We take into consideration the local medical communities, the impact and issues of local employers, and related demographic/economic indicators. Our methodology allows us to partner with the most experienced physicians available. Our philosophy gets results.

We utilize a provider relations staff whose primary responsibility is to support our providers. Whether they need help getting paid, resolving an issue with an injured employee, or just need advice, CHOICE provider relations staff are just a phone call away.

Because we support our providers, our providers communicate better with our clients, work more closely with the injured employees and their employers, and strive to get those injured employees back to work in the most appropriate time frame.

Provider Education

CHOICE Provider Network is your workers’ compensation solutions partner. We have various methods of educating our contracted providers. Please let us know if we can provide additional educational materials for your practice.

Call us at 1.888.823.5377 or email us.

Join the CHOICE Network

CHOICE is currently seeking provider partners in the following states:

    • Florida (particularly in the panhandle area)
    • Georgia
    • South Carolina

If you would like to partner with CHOICE to provide top-notch return-to-work services to our clients, please contact us at 1.888.823.5377 or email us.



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