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Meet Rachel Boughter, RN, BSN, CCM 

A case manager at Genex for 12 years, Rachel Boughter is known for her excellent critical-thinking and communication skills which she employed in helping restore a young man’s pursuit of his livelihood and physical activities.

The case

A 27-year-old man sustained a left-foot crush injury which left the future viability of his toes and entire foot in doubt, so much so that his physician considered below-the-knee amputation. The thought of losing a lower extremity was devastating to the young man, who lived an active lifestyle and was engaged to be married.

Case management impact

Boughter sought out a better alternative — recommending more specialized providers to evaluate the man’s leg and coordinating hyperbaric chamber treatments for tissue salvage. She then consulted with multiple physicians and received a recommendation for a less-invasive transmetatarsal foot amputation. After surgery, Boughter used her background in home care and wound management to equip and teach the man and his fiancé proper care techniques to avoid home health charges for dressing changes and wound management. 


Thanks to Boughter’s efforts, the injured employee was not only able to return to work three months following a devastating injury that nearly cost him his leg, but walked down the aisle and danced at his wedding three months later. He is currently working fulltime without permanent restrictions.


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