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Meet Jeanne Carilli, RN, CCM

Jeanne Carilli, RN, CCM, is a telephonic case manager at Genex Services, where she consistently receives outstanding patient satisfaction surveys from employees who she supports during the disability period of their care management. Below is an example of how Ms. Carilli makes a difference by serving as an advocate for injured workers.

The case

Ms. Carilli received a case involving a 47-year-old employee who had undergone a right breast lumpectomy and was diagnosed with breast cancer and had undergone several surgeries. Although the postoperative periods were uneventful, the employee developed depression in addition to her physical health concerns.   

On their first call, the employee disclosed that she was significantly depressed and anxious over her health condition and spent most of the day crying. Her primary care provider (PCP) had prescribed an anti-depressant and suggested she find a support group for breast cancer survivors. During the discussion with Ms. Carilli, the employee expressed a need for counseling and said that her PCP had recommended she not go back to work due to her current depressive state. 

Case management impact

To help the employee receive the services she needed, Ms. Carilli initiated a plan to empower the employee through education and support. Challenges continued, however. When the employee tried to arrange an appointment with a recommended provider, she found there were no available appointments for three months. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Ms. Carilli stepped in to assist the employee in finding a provider who could see her sooner.


With Ms. Carilli’s assistance, the employee was able to be evaluated within two weeks and continued receiving treatment for her depression. The employee was grateful for Ms. Carilli’s intervention in expediting care and the positive results accomplished through counseling sessions. The employee successfully returned to her full-duty position with no additional relapses.

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