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Meet Mare Novess, RN, CCMmare-circle.png

For more than a decade, Mare Novess, RN, CCM, has been delivering excellent case management for Genex Services. She is quick to build telephonic rapport with her clients and customers and often receives positive customer and patient feedback while being sensitive and respectful of cultural needs. Here is an example of how Ms. Novess helped an injured truck driver get back on the road despite a family emergency that could have steered him off the path to recovery.

The case

A 55-year-old driver sustained a leg crush injury after being pinned between two trucks. He was hospitalized and subsequently discharged, but soon developed pain and swelling in his thigh. He was diagnosed with a hematoma and sent for a CT scan.

Case management impact

Once called on to the case, Ms. Novess quickly contacted the injured worker and used her clinical expertise to help him better understand the anatomy of the injury and hematoma. She also discussed with him the surgeon’s treatment plan and provided patient education on the surgery, follow-up care, expected post-op pain and medication options. Ms. Novess also proactively obtained authorization for diagnostics and surgical intervention, expediting his care plan.

Ms. Novess’ empathetic nature also shined through during the course of treatment when the patient’s wife became extremely ill and was placed in intensive care. Determined to be with his wife during this trying time, the injured worker expressed concerns about missing his own physical and occupational therapy appointments. Ms. Novess assured the claimant she would handle the situation, notifying all parties and rescheduling appointments in a prompt manner.


During a trying and emotional time, Ms. Novess provided reassurance and facilitated scheduling changes while ensuring treatment moved forward without delay after the family emergency was resolved. She listened to the needs of the patient and offered support regarding his wife’s condition. Due to Ms. Novess’ diligence and communication skills, the injured worker completed the treatment protocol and was released to work earlier than guidelines projection. Throughout the case, Ms. Novess compared the treatment plan to guidelines and expedited the approval process to promote quick and efficient care. Her efforts improved the medical outcome and return-to-work timeline for this patient, resulting in a cost savings of $1,416. 

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