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Meet Kim Price-Benham, RN, CCMkim-circle.png

Kim Price-Benham, RN, CCM, has been a case manager with Genex for 25 years. During this time, she has developed many direct referral relationships within the industry. Ms. Price-Benham consistently exceeds all business expectations at Genex. Below is an example of how Ms. Price-Benham’s case management skills changed the life of a worker with a traumatic hand injury.

The case

A patient who underwent surgery for a hand injury was not progressing as expected, so case management was called to resolve the situation. Due to her reputation for foreseeing issues that could affect timely return to work, Ms. Price-Benham was requested by the employer. Once on the case, she quickly scheduled the patient for an appointment with the top hand specialist in the area and secured a diagnosis of reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD). Ms. Price-Benham then worked with the physician to develop a definitive treatment plan.

Case management impact

Incorporating evidence-based practice protocols, Ms. Price-Benham helped develop a care pathway that demonstrated clearly measured, quantifiable results. Her efforts helped the injured worker avoid a year of injections and pain clinic treatments. Price-Benham also worked closely with the employer to keep the claimant working full time on light duty until he reached his highest functional potential. By following the care path, the worker was able to avoid a year of injections and pain clinic treatments.


Ms. Price-Benham ensured the injured worker received appropriate and specific hand therapy and bracing which allowed him to be released to full duty, pain-free with no restrictions, within 12 weeks of the RSD diagnosis versus the initial 12-month plan. Early case management intervention, open communication, knowledge of area providers and a strong rapport with the employer, allowed Ms. Price-Benham to facilitate a successful closure with a return on investment (ROI) of 8.5 to 1. More importantly, her efforts significantly helped return a valued employee back to his workplace. In fact, the efficiency of the plan allowed the worker to earn a new promotion that wouldn’t have been available had he stuck to the original yearlong treatment plan.

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