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A Provider of Hope

Posted by Tom Kerr on November 12, 2018

Kids’ Chance Awareness Week is a great opportunity to support an organization so close to our hearts

As the holiday season approaches, many of us will drop coins in a bucket or gladly write checks to give to others in need. Though we know our dollars will help others along the way, we rarely see the direct result of the donations.

For many in the workers’ comp industry, there is no charity that offers us a close connection to its recipients as Kids’ Chance — the preeminent workers’ compensation charitable program that offers scholarships to children of parents who have endured or perished from a catastrophic injury.

Each year, we have the opportunity to see firsthand how Kids’ Chance changes lives, as the recipients’ stories are often played out during opening ceremonies of workers’ comp conferences. The stories are touching on their own, but what really hits me is when a recipient steps on stage to receive the scholarship and I realize that kid could be one of my own.

Of all demographics, disability is one that doesn’t care about age, race or gender. It can happen to anyone, at any time. It’s the nightmare scenario most parents keep tucked in the recesses of our minds. What would happen to my family If I were seriously injured or even killed in a catastrophic accident? How would my kids ever afford a college education?

Thankfully, for the past 30 years, Kids’ Chance has stepped in to provide some relief in the face of a disaster that affects the whole family. During that span, the organization has awarded 6,600 scholarships totaling more than $20.4 million. Kids’ Chance uses these donations to change lives for the better and offer hope to young people who’ve lost so much, so early.

That’s why I’m proud that Genex Services, after decades of supporting efforts through several state affiliates, has joined other leaders in our industry to become a national partner of Kids’ Chance. This week, we’ll be joining other member organizations and state affiliates in promoting Kids’ Chance Awareness Week, to spread the word about the important work this organization does on a regular basis.

Internally, we’re ramping up our efforts with a special employee raffle for tickets to a Monday Night Football game with the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles, among other great prizes. We’re also spending the week helping to educate the community about Kids’ Chance and the difference it makes in the lives of the people we serve.

Whether through group or individual activities, we can all do our part in changing a life today. So please take a moment and give to Kids’ Chance and encourage others to do so as well.  



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