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Communication is Key to Ending Disparity

Posted by Tom Kerr on June 9, 2017

A couple years ago, Genex surveyed our case managers to determine the common claims pitfalls they avoid to keep claims on track. Among the top five factors were two that seemed relatively easy to remedy: communication issues and patient noncompliance.

It should be no surprise, however, that these two factors are fundamentally linked. Communication and empathy build trust, and if injured workers feel that their caregivers or employers don’t care about them or their situation, it’s only natural that it would affect their motivation to return to the job.

One population that has experienced discrimination among caregivers are members of the LGBTQ community. Statistics show that these individuals are more likely to put off medical treatment because of it; and mistrust can lead to litigation if one feels he or she isn’t receiving the care they need.

Risk and Insurance recently addressed how workers’ compensation professionals and employers can overcome barriers regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. The article offers solutions for making inclusiveness part of the organizations’ corporate identify and breaking down the barriers that have kept LGBTQ individuals. Hopefully, it will open eyes about the disparities that currently exist and help all build trust among all injured workers.

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