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Improving Workers’ Comp Through Data by Jim Harris

Posted by Jim Harris on March 9, 2017

When meeting with professionals across different industries, I encounter the same reoccurring theme: it’s a constant challenge to find a medical management approach to workers’ comp that yields the best results. That’s why data analytics plays an important strategic advantage for our customers, making the program design process easier and more effective.

In my lastest article, “Improving Workers’ Comp Through Data,” I address how data points across an organization’s claims offer a big-picture view of high-cost trends and problematic areas. I offer specific examples of how to use this intelligence to design a medical management approach that improves the course of individual cases as well as overall program performance. I hope that you will find the potential data analytics holds for program design and improvement to be as intriguing and impactful as I do.

Click here to read, “Improving Workers’ Comp Through Data”.

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