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Resiliency in Irma’s Wake

Posted by Tom Kerr on September 8, 2017

“A dire threat.”

“Likely to be far worse than the monster Andrew.”

“Governor: Irma could catastrophically devastate Florida.”

Headlines pulled from today’s news feed present a cataclysmic picture of the wrath Hurricane Irma is expected to inflict on Florida and the Southeast when it makes landfall Sunday. Though it’s been “downgraded” to a Cat 4 storm, Irma’s sustained 150-mile-hour winds extending from its eye for 70 miles is certainly cause for the mass exodus.

At Genex, we’re preparing as well. Our case managers in the region will be managing their cases telephonically until normal operations are feasible in and around Florida.  Any referrals coming in during that time will be monitored and assigned to a Southeast Region case manager for telephonic handling.  Our case managers across the country are also ready to assist as necessary.

As Randy McKinney, Vice President, SE Region, reminded me yesterday, “South Florida is resilient. Our team has been through hurricanes before. We will get through this.” In the end, resiliency is what matters most. You can plan and prepare for a natural disaster, but the determination to carry on despite the obstacles is the overriding factor as we’ve recently witnessed in Texas with Hurricane Harvey.

Stay safe, everyone, and, as always, remain resilient.


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