Genex of Canada

Extremely useful in the prevention of future injuries and to help facilitate a return to work, ergonomics is the scientific study of matching the work and work environment to the physical and psychological needs of the worker. Genex Ergonomic Assessment and Training Services include:

  • Ergonomic consultation for preventive and case-specific situations in office and industrial environments
  • Ergonomic recommendations including administrative strategies, engineering, and/or specific product solutions
  • Ergonomic product sources, pricing, and availability

We also offer onsite services that can provide you with clinical or vocational staff, expert consultants, and training for your staff.

Need to reduce your total cost of risk?

To help lower your total cost of risk and return injured workers to work as quickly as possible, we offer a FREE consultation with a workers’ comp expert. Together, we will begin to build a workers' comp program to meet your company’s unique needs.