Genex of Canada

Genex coordinates services nationwide including Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs), Peer Review Services, Functional Abilities Evaluations (FAEs), and medical diagnostics. We pride ourselves on providing thoroughly objective, reliable, and defensible written reports in a time-sensitive and professional manner.

The Genex IME staff screens claims and selects one of our consulting physicians to evaluate the medical condition and address claim concerns. In essence, these evaluations assure fair and objective reviews of clinical records, appropriate treatment, and minimal delays.

Peer Review is a retrospective review of a practitioner’s medical treatment plan to determine the medical necessity and appropriateness of the treatment rendered. Our physicians are readily available for depositions and testimony, and they will provide comprehensive reports that include recommendations regarding both past and future medical treatment if requested.

Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE) objectively determines the claimant’s functional abilities and restrictions, such as strength, dexterity, and endurance. By comparing FAE results to job requirements, the evaluation helps to facilitate a safe and timely return to the workplace. It can also help insurers to determine the extent to which physical impairments are present. Genex Services of Canada utilizes the ARCON/FACTS FAE system.

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