Genex of Canada

Chronic absenteeism can be a challenging issue for employers that can lead to lost productivity and increased costs. Employers can refer cases to Genex for review for any identified chronic/intermittent absenteeism.

In cases where an employee demonstrates chronic absenteeism due to a reported medical condition, Genex reviews medical information submitted by the employee to determine whether the absences are substantiated and reasonable. A decision is provided to the employer verifying whether or not past absences are due to a chronic medical condition. Should the employee suffer a legitimate chronic medical condition necessitating ongoing intermittent absences, the nurse case manager provides a forecast regarding ongoing expected absenteeism. This allows the employer to plan ahead for expected absences.

For previous absences deemed medically unsupportable or unnecessary, the Genex Nurse Case Manager advises the employer and provides best practices in how to successfully manage these cases.

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