Learn How to Assess Your Bill Review Vendor

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Organizations who are crafting innovative and progressive claims programs are recognizing that a status quo bill review program is missing savings opportunities and exposing compliance nightmares. 

The decision to switch vendors is never easy or simple. Many organizations considering a switch may put off the decision and “make do” with workarounds, settling for less-than-optimal results. Upon closer inspection, however, a number of these organizations realized they were hemorrhaging costs. 

This five-part in-depth series gives you the information you need to assess critical parts of your bill review program and vendor, as well as actionable health check lists to evaluate your program and identify areas that are ready for change.

How much money does a status quo bill review program leave behind? Can your organization save money via better medical bill review evaluations? Is your business exposed to compliance penalties that not only are costly but put your reputation at risk? It’s time to dig in and truly evaluate your bill review service.

  • Identify missed savings opportunities
  • Eliminate compliance risk
  • Strategically improve program performance
  • Reduce administrative burden on claims handlers 

Learn how to thoroughly assess your bill review vendor to see if your program is in top shape, is status quo….or worse. To get your free five-part Bill Review Health Check series, complete the form to the right.