Four Essential Ingredients for Best-In-Class IMEs


Historically, the Independent Medical Exam (IME) has been a staple in the workers’ compensation claims resolution arsenal. It is used when claims linger, or when there’s a possible question regarding a treatment plan. But there’s a lot more that can and should be done with an IME, especially in today’s complex workers’ compensation environment, where litigation and delays in return to work can be costly and have long-lasting ramifications.

IMEs have evolved over the years to have multiple objectives they can address.  But these possibilities and variations can leave employers, claims administrators and carriers struggling to develop comprehensive, clear and consistent approaches to the IME. It can also lead to mistakes in when, where and how an IME is applied.

That is why we have created the Four Essential Ingredients for Best-in-Class IMEs series. Through this series, you will learn what is needed to use IMEs effectively during the claims process and ultimately build a stronger and more effective workers' compensation program.

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