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With more than 25 years of leadership experience in the workers’ comp industry, Dean Stiles, has an impressive record of pairing the best medical networks with payers to help injured employees get back to the job in a timely manner. In his position, Mr. Stiles leads a team dedicated to improving network penetration, reducing litigation and lowering the average cost per claim.

Mr. Stiles is responsible for developing Genex’s PPO network product, including evaluating provider data and performance quality, including participation in the claims' outcomes, and ensuring that the cost for services rendered are in line with expectations.

Mr. Stiles holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from West Chester (PA) State University.


Wayne, PA

Areas of expertise

Health care providers
Managed care plans
Provider network management
Medical cost control
Return to work
Allied health care services

Blog posts

How to Find the Best Providers / July 10, 2018

Dean Stiles 







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