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Genex Services’ IME Program Earns URAC designation

Company among first to receive new certification status for independent medical exams

WAYNE, PA – March 15, 2021 – Genex Services announced today that it has been awarded full Independent Medical Examinations (IME) v1.0 accreditation by URAC, the leading accreditation organization for health care providers. The approval places Genex, a leader in medical cost-containment and disability management services, as one of the first IME programs to be awarded this new URAC certification.

URAC Accreditation Seal

The URAC accreditation seal symbolizes that an organization is going beyond regulatory compliance in its IME operations to represent its commitment to excellence in its services to purchasers, patients and providers. Meeting the objectives of URAC accreditation assures clients they will receive accurate, trustworthy decisions backed by comprehensive, evidence-based review. The URAC IME accreditation provides a roadmap to ensure regulatory compliance requirements are continuously being met, giving patients and payers confidence that Genex examiners are highly qualified and knowledgeable in their field, and most importantly, committed to fair and ethical care practices.

Genex’s nationwide IME program is designed to eliminate provider risk, enhance physician exam and report quality and reduce administrative burden. The program uniquely integrates hard data, clinical expertise, and rigorous quality analysis standards to deliver an easy-to-use, trustworthy IME process for customers and claimants to receive an accurate, defensible decision, every time.

URAC had previously recognized IME organizations solely through its Independent Review Organization program. However, since many URAC-accredited companies provide both independent review and independent medical examination services, officials recently developed a program for organizations whose business models support the IME function exclusively. This resulted in the IME v1.0 accreditation.

“We are extremely proud to have our program be among the first in our industry to receive the URAC IME v1.0 accreditation,” said Rich Leonardo, Genex Senior Vice President, IME and Specialty Services. “Over the years, we have earned the trust of insurance industries we serve, including workers’ comp, auto and disability, through the quality of our IME program and the medical expertise of our examiners. Being one of the first to earn this new accreditation validates the excellent standards we have set for Genex IME, especially when it comes to quality analysis, which is a hallmark of our services.”

To earn the IME accreditation, Genex underwent a rigorous external evaluation of its program by URAC, which includes extensive documentation, validation, and committee review. Securing URAC IME accreditation provides value to claimants as well as clients by offering:

  • Third-party validation that a high-quality program offers a truly independent, fair recommendation that does not tip the scale toward the claimant nor payer
  • Thorough policies, procedures and documentation that reduce the administrative burden of claim disputes
  • Risk management oversight and review protocols that reduce client liabilities, enhance data security and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Ongoing operational efficiency and program improvement.

Genex holds the IME v1.0 accreditation for three years — April 1, 2021 to April 1, 2024 — after which, the program must undergo a renewal process to maintain its standing.


About Genex Services
Genex Services ( provides best-in-class clinical solutions that enable customers to transform their bottom lines while enhancing the lives of injured and disabled workers. Genex, a clinical management leader throughout North America, serves the top underwriters of workers’ compensation, automobile, disability insurance, third-party administrators and a significant number of Fortune 500 employers. In addition, Genex clinical services are enhanced by intelligent systems and 360-degree data analysis. Its clinical expertise consistently drives superior results related to medical, wage loss, and productivity costs associated with claims in the workers’ compensation, disability, automobile, and health care systems. Genex, Mitchell, and Coventry have recently combined their joint industry expertise and advanced technology solutions into one organization to simplify and optimize property, casualty and disability claims processes and services.


About URAC
Founded in 1990 as a non-profit organization, URAC is the independent leader in promoting health care quality and patient safety through renowned accreditation programs. We develop our evidence-based standards in collaboration with a wide array of stakeholders and industry experts. Our portfolio of accreditation and certification programs span the health care industry, addressing health care management and operations, pharmacies, telehealth, health plans, medical practices and more. URAC accreditation is a symbol of excellence for organizations to showcase their validated commitment to quality and accountability.

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