Priority Care Solutions

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

As essential businesses continue to feed, lead, transport, protect and care for Americans through the COVID-19 pandemic, Priority Care Solutions (PCS), a division of Genex Services, is helping these employees stay safe by meeting their personal protective equipment (PPE) needs. Most of our products are procured in the United States, to ensure they meet federal and state requirements for customer-facing industries such as transportation, airlines, grocery and government.

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About Priority Care Solutions

Priority Care Solutions (PCS), a division of Genex Services, is a leading specialty managed care services and network provider for the workers' compensation industry. Drawing on the cumulative experience of an executive leadership team with an average of 20 years in all areas of workers' compensation, PCS has created unique, proactive solutions to mitigate risk, create operational efficiencies and reduce costs while providing compassionate, exceptional, and timely care to the injured worker.

The comprehensive set of solutions address the most demanding situations and are developed to tackle the challenges faced by the industry today.