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CMS to Add Correspondence Printing Functionality to the Medicare Conditional Payment Portal

Posted by Genex on June 4, 2020

Keep current with new legislation and its potential effect on your organization. This regulatory update is for informational purposes only, and provides some key highlights on state initiatives that may impact the Medicare Set-Aside services Genex provides.

On July 13, 2020, the Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Portal (MSPRP) will be upgraded to allow authorized users to view and print correspondence via new functionality.

MSPRP users who log in using Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) will be able to view and print CMS mailed correspondence that is displayed on the Letter Activity tab (e.g. CMS demand for repayment).  This new functionality is only available to users that have completed the ID Proofing and MFA process. Those that have not completed the MFA process will need to wait for a mailed copy of all CMS correspondence.

Additional information on how to use this new functionality will be available in Section of the July version of the MSPRP User Guide. To view the current version of the MSPRP User Guide please click here.

Genex will circulate a News Alert with information on how to use this new functionality and the July 2020 version of the MSPRP User Guide when it becomes available.

For more information/questions about the MFA process or to make a referral please contact Genex MSA 1.888.GO.GENEX or msadirect@genexservices.com.


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