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StateWatch: Bill Review November 2017

Posted by Genex on November 27, 2017

Keep current with new legislation and its potential effect on your organization. This regulatory update is for informational purposes only, and provides some key highlights on state initiatives that may impact the bill review services Genex provides.

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FRAUDWATCH: The Division of Workers’ Compensation has suspended 33 additional medical providers from treating injured workers in the state workers’ compensation system due to fraudulent activities over the past month. This brings the total number of suspended providers to 85 providers this year.


The Idaho Industrial Commission has adopted Electric Data Interchange (EDI) Claims Release 3.0 and will now will only accept first reports of injury (FROI) and subsequent reports of injury (SROI) through the EDI process. Carriers that don’t comply and fail to register as trading partners could lose their authority to write workers’ compensation reports in the state, according to the commission.


The state Department of Labor and Industry has announced that a designated contact database is now available. As of Nov. 1, each workers’ compensation insurer, self-insured employer, licensed third-party administrator, hospital, and clearinghouse is required to provide the department with the name and contact information of a designated employee to answer inquiries related to the submission or payment of workers’ compensation medical bills.


FRAUDWATCH: Several providers have lost their authorization to render services to injured workers under the state’s workers’ compensation system due to fraudulent activity. The state Workers’ Compensation Board has provided subject numbers concerning providers’ authorization to treat claimants and/or perform independent medical examinations.

The Workers’ Compensation Board has also implemented a registration process to update and maintain its current list of authorized medical providers. Providers must register and update their office addresses and contact information to be authorized to treat injured workers by Dec. 29.

Five new codes have been adopted to the New York Workers’ Compensation and Auto DME fee schedules. These new codes are designated for reimbursement of continuous glucose monitoring for

individuals with Type 1 diabetes (A9276, A9277, A9278, K0553 and K0554) and went into effect Nov. 1.


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