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State Workers’ Compensation Agencies

Posted by Genex on May 18, 2017

Your quick connection to state WC boards

Need help finding workers’ comp rules and regulations from various states? Genex makes it easy for you with our State Workers’ Compensation Agencies page. Connect with all 50 states through the links below.

Alabama - State of Alabama Workers' Compensation Division

Alaska - Alaska Dept of Labor & Workforce Development, Workers' Compensation Division

Arizona - The Industrial Commission of Arizona

Arkansas - Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission

California - California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Workers' Compensation

Colorado - Colorado Division of Workers' Compensation

Connecticut - State of Connecticut, Workers' Compensation Commission

Delaware - State of Delaware, Department of Labor, Division of Industrial Affairs

District of Columbia - Office of Workers' Compensation, DC Department of Employment Services

Florida - Florida Division of Workers' Compensation

Georgia - Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation

Hawaii - Hawaii Department of Labor & Industrial Relations, Disability Compensation Division, WC Facilitator Section

Idaho - Idaho Industrial Commission

Illinois - Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission

Indiana - Workers' Compensation Board of Indiana

Iowa - Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation

Kansas - Kansas Workers' Compensation

Kentucky - Kentucky Department of Workers' Claims

Louisiana - Louisiana Office of Workers' Compensation Administration

Maine - Maine Workers' Compensation Board

Maryland - Maryland State Workers' Compensation Commission

Massachusetts - Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents

Michigan - Michigan Bureau of Workers' Disability Compensation

Minnesota - Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry

Mississippi - Mississippi Workers' Compensation Commission

Missouri - Missouri Division of Workers' Compensation

Montana - Montana Workers' Compensation

Nebraska - Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court

Nevada - Nevada Department of Business & Industry, Division of Industrial Relations

New Hampshire - New Hampshire Department of Labor, Workers' Compensation Division

New Jersey - State of New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development

New Mexico - State of New Mexico, Workers' Compensation Administration

New York - New York State Workers' Compensation Board

North Carolina - North Carolina Industrial Commission

North Dakota - North Dakota Workers' Compensation

Ohio - Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation

Oklahoma - Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Court

Oregon - Oregon Workers' Compensation Division

Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, Workers' Compensation

Rhode Island - Rhode Island Department of Labor & Training, Workers' Compensation

South Carolina - South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission

South Dakota - South Dakota Division of Labor & Management

Tennessee - Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development

Texas - Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers' Compensation

Utah - Labor Commission of Utah, Industrial Accidents Division

Vermont - Vermont Department of Labor & Industry

Virginia - Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission

Washington - Washington Department of Labor & Industries

West Virginia - Offices of the Insurance Commissioner

Wisconsin - Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

Wyoming - Wyoming Department of Workforce Services


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