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5 Key Components Needed for Effective Data Analytics Webinar

Posted by Genex on November 13, 2017

Organizations seeking new strategies to improve workers’ compensation programs are exploring the potential of data analytics to increase control over cost, utilization, return to work, and even network development. But the trick is having the right components in place to deliver effective analytics that translate into meaningful results.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Jim Harris, Vice President of Analytics and Reporting at Genex, who discusses the tools you need to kickstart your analytics and improve your workers’ comp program.  


In further exploration of the power of effective data, you may be interested in the article “Improving Workers’ Comp Through Data” which discusses how data points across an organization’s claims offer a big-picture view of high-cost trends and problematic areas. In this article, Jim Harris, Genex’s VP of Reporting and Analytics, shows how to use this intelligence to design a medical management approach that improves the course of individual cases as well as overall program performance.

Topics: Data analytics