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The Quality Divide: Are You a Leader or a Laggard in Quality IME Practices?

Posted by Genex on November 29, 2017

IME Quality Divide for Decision MakersAs workers’ compensation professionals deal with increasing complex claims, they may become uncertain about specific medical determinations on a case. For example, they may wonder about the true cause of a claimant’s condition. They may be unsure of the best course of treatment. They may wonder if a degree of malingering or injury exaggeration may exist. In other situations, the case can be complicated by other medical issues – such as diabetes, hypertension or depression – which can hinder the injured worker’s recovery.

When faced with these types of challenges, utilizing an independent medical examination (IME) helps to determine the next step in the claim and injury management process. 

Check out this insight paper to learn more about what it takes to be a leader in quality IME practices.

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