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Webinar: Onsite Return to Work: A Sikorsky Approach

Posted by Genex on April 30, 2021

Since Lockheed Martin (LMC) acquired Sikorsky, medical treatment return-to-work (RTW) protocols have been developed in collaboration with Sikorsky and the local providers. Genex, LMC/Sikorsky and providers worked together to create job analyses and identified light duty jobs/tasks that could be utilized for various conditions – down to injury by body part. These protocols have been incorporated into an onsite RTW program which has resulted in a 49% reduction in the number of lost time days.


  • Lea Sampiere, Manager, Sikorsky Medical Department Operations, Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Co.
  • Judy Meyer, MBA, RN, LNCC, Manager Utilization Management, Genex Services
  • Maria Bayne, President, Bayne Consulting

Topics: Case Management, Utilization Review, Industry Insights