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Real-Life Robocop Webinar: Meeting 'Impossible' RTW Goals in Catastrophic Cases

Posted by Genex on May 2, 2018

When workers survive a catastrophic injury, they often sustain significant injuries that prevent them from returning to work. Yet, technological advances are making inroads in allowing people with disabilities to regain a high level of functioning. In this can’t-miss webinar, you will meet Jeremy “Robocop” Romero, a New Mexico police officer who sustained an on-duty spinal cord injury, yet returned to policework six months after his incident. 

Genex’s Trish Elizalde will join Jeremy in presenting his remarkable case study. Through Jeremy’s own words, you will witness the triumph of the human spirit as he explains the details of his accident, fight for survival, physical and psychosocial challenges of adapting to life after spinal cord injury and determination to “walk” again through the use of an exoskeleton device.

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Topics: Case Management