Thought Leadership

PC360: Workers' Comp Data in a Dash

Posted on Mar 29, 2021

Fast, visualized information can improve claim performance, allowing the most vital data to be easily accessed By Jim Harris Read More

WorkCompWire: Jim Harris: Unleashing Powerful Insights Hidden in Your Bill Review Data

Posted on Feb 6, 2018

In this column, we look at five strategies that sophisticated vendors are deploying to elevate the bill review process to a strategic, data-focused initiative that can drive ongoing improvements for your workers’... Read More

Bill Review & Analytics: Unleashing Powerful Insights Hidden in Your Bill Review Data

Posted on Nov 14, 2017

There’s a gold mine of data embedded in your bill review process, and if you’re not mining and leveraging this treasure trove of information, you may be missing out on valuable opportunities to impact your bottom line.... Read More

5 Key Components Needed for Effective Data Analytics Webinar

Posted on Nov 13, 2017

Organizations seeking new strategies to improve workers’ compensation programs are exploring the potential of data analytics to increase control over cost, utilization, return to work, and even network development. But the... Read More

WC Magazine: Lowering the Score

Posted on May 12, 2017

Using data analytics to put a number on health risks and assess when to intervene to fix a problem Read More

Risk Management: Improving Workers' Comp Through Data

Posted on Mar 1, 2017

Read More

WorkCompWire: Using Data to Affect Change in Workers’ Comp

Posted on Nov 14, 2016

In a system with roots reaching back more than 100 years, change doesn’t come easy in workers’ comp. It isn’t sparked by a revolutionary movement designed to shake the heart of the system, but is evolutionary, involving a... Read More

360° Data Analysis Checklist

Posted on Nov 6, 2015

Read More

Enemy at the Gate: Data Security Risks in Workers' Comp

Posted on May 27, 2015

Is workers’ compensation next in line to suffer a major data security breach? Security experts with Genex Services caution that, as with any industry today, the possibility of a major data intrusion is always a concern.... Read More

Using Big Data to Make Big Changes to Network Development

Posted on Apr 23, 2015

Do you utilize big data for provider network development? Check out Genex’s insight paper, “Using Big Data to Make Big Changes to Network Development,” written by Jim Harris, Genex’s vice president of analytics and... Read More

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