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Transforming Big Data into Applied Analytics

Posted by Genex on August 7, 2014

Over the past few years, Big Data has captured the interest of the nation’s top business leaders. Organizations seeking new strategies to improve appliedanalytics.pngworkers’ compensation programs are also beginning to explore the concept of Big Data. They are examining the potential of Big Data to become a strategic initiative to increase control over variables ranging from injury frequency and severity, to quality of care and return-to-work outcomes.

“Intelligent Medical Management: Transforming Big Data into Applied Analytics” addresses the questions:

  • What defines Big Data in workers’ compensation?
  • How is it being used today?
  • What information should Big Data explore?
  • What concerns and issues should be addressed before embarking on a Big Data strategy?

    And most importantly…
  • What are the best practices for turning Big Data into actional decisions?

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Topics: Data analytics