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WorkCompWire: Ensuring Seamless Ancillary Services for Catastrophic Claims

Posted by Genex on September 29, 2020

By Carlos Cordova, Director of Operations , Priority Care Solutions, a division of Genex Services

In workers’ compensation, catastrophic claims often require a significant number and various types of ancillary services – anything from a rehabilitation facility, DME, transportation, home health services and more. An ancillary service provider can assist with a catastrophic injury response that coordinates the right ancillary services at the right time for these cases. There are various ways the ancillary service provider – working with the claims adjuster and a specially-trained catastrophic case manager – can help ensure the best-possible service, results and costs, as well as a seamless continuum of care on catastrophic cases. But before we break down how that process works, let’s review what constitutes a catastrophic claim.

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Topics: Case Management, CAT, Adjuster