24/7 Nurse Triage

Provides Medical Expertise at the Time of Injury

Not every worker’s injury warrants a trip to the ER, but without medical expertise, it’s natural for supervisors to err on the side of caution. Genex’s 24/7 Nurse Triage Hotline provides medical expertise at the time of injury, so injured employees are channeled to the most appropriate and cost-effective level of care. Now you can influence medical care, claims costs, return-to-work outcomes, and employee satisfaction at the earliest, most critical point.


Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs up to 30%

When you utilize a registered nurse at the very beginning of the injury-reporting process, you are minimizing preventable future costs while providing the highest level of service to the injured employee. A referral to an urgent care center versus an emergency room can save wait time for the injured worker and expense for you.


Instantaneous Detailed Injury Report

The 24/7 Nurse Triage Hotline’s recorded calls ensure thorough, accurate reporting. The work injury reports are sent to key players, such as the employer, supervisors, claims professionals, human resources, and RTW coordinators, within minutes of a completed call. This allows for them to initiate their respective roles in the workers’ compensation process.


Reduce Lost Time by as Much as 50%

With fast, thorough reporting and appropriate medical care, employers stand ready to respond on the day of injury and can match modified duty assignments to employee work restrictions. As a result, many employees are able to return to work immediately, reducing lost time by as much as 50%.

Need to Reduce Your Total Cost of Risk?

To help lower your total cost of risk and return injured workers to work as quickly as possible, we offer a FREE consultation with a workers’ comp expert. Together, we will begin to build a workers' comp program to meet your company’s unique needs.

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