Certified Managed Care Plans

Genex Care for Oklahoma

Genex is a Certified Work Place Medical Plan (CWMP) in alignment with workers’ compensation statute 85, 3,14,14.2 and 14.3.  The CWMP includes access to a comprehensive network of providers specializing in workers’ compensation injuries, utilization review, case management, medical bill review, medical director oversight, grievance process, and a medical dispute resolution process.

Genex CWMP is located in Oklahoma City and is managed out of this location. Under the CWMP, insurers and employers can direct care of the injured worker for the duration of the claim. Genex assists all clients through the implementation of the CWMP to include distribution of all required Employer/Employee Notices. Genex complies with all state mandated reporting requirements and undergoes an annual site visit by the Oklahoma Department of Insurance to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements.


Oklahoma State Department of Health

To obtain a listing of CWMP Providers click the following link www.talispoint.com/genex  Then enter Username: OK and Password: CWMP


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