Pharmaceutical Intervention

Improve Patient Care & Claim Outcomes

PRIUM, a division of Genex Services, helps eliminate unnecessary medications and treatments through a focus on peer-to-peer engagement to address complex clinical issues and support the claims management process.


The TaperRx program creates a patient-specific guide for the outpatient weaning and/or discontinuation of identified unnecessary medications. The program accounts for the whole medication regimen which can further impact withdrawal concerns. We have partnered with clinicians who consult peer-reviewed clinical literature and guidelines to develop these patient-specific, step-by-step guides. The TaperRx program can be utilized in conjunction with any recent managed care determination that indicates an adverse decision (Peer Review, Pharmacist, Nurse, UR, or IME) on a medication indicated for withdrawal concerns.

Chronic Pain Intervention

Pharmaceutical intervention is necessary to both effectively manage and mitigate medication costs as well as prevent dependency and addiction. PRIUM, a division of Genex Services, focuses on inappropriate polypharmacy regimens. PRIUM’s award-winning Chronic Pain Intervention program will both assess, and taking action, to migrate these complex circumstances to a more appropriate treatment regimen. This suite of services includes a uniquely focused peer review, medical oversight services, and the one-of-a-kind TaperRx.

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