Pharmacy Intervention

Improve Patient Care & Claim Outcomes

Pharmaceutical intervention is often necessary to effectively manage and mitigate medication utilization and costs, prevent dependency and addiction, and improve patient safety. Genex Pharmacy Intervention focuses on inappropriate polypharmacy regimens. Our suite of services includes a uniquely focused peer review, pharmacy oversight services, and the one-of-a-kind TaperRx.

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Peer Review and Outreach

Peer review and outreach includes a comprehensive assessment of all medications, current medical records, and peer to peer outreach for discussion. Our comprehensive report includes a complete medication history, recommendations supported by evidence-based guidelines, and results of physician outreach.


The TaperRx program creates a patient-specific guide for the outpatient weaning and/or discontinuation of identified unnecessary medications. The pharmacist consults peer-reviewed clinical literature, evidenced-based guidelines and considers the whole medication regimen to develop patient-specific, step-by-step guides with withdrawal concerns in mind. TaperRx can be utilized in conjunction with any recent managed care determination that indicates an adverse decision on a medication indicated for withdrawal concern.

Pharmacy Oversight

Pharmacy oversight is available for at risk pharmacy claims to monitor weaning programs and other pharmacy utilization recommendations that were agreed upon at the time of peer-to-peer discussion.

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