Broad Based Networks

You need reliable, robust provider data you can trust. Genex’s Provider Pathway is a comprehensive, web-based database that allows you to easily search and identify high-quality in-network providers closest to a specific address. Our new search tool puts the right provider information in your hands at the right time, so you can quickly and efficiently coordinate care for injured workers.

High-Quality Network Data

Assured provider data quality

  • Normalizes and verifies search results across all networks
  • Suppresses unwanted providers at a global and customer-specific level
  • Elevates and ranks top providers at the customer-specific level

Provider Quality Survey

Easily identify top tier physicians in your provider search results

  • Captures subjective information from case managers, adjusters/claims managers and injured workers
  • Synthesizes feedback into a quality score
  • Creates a comprehensive evaluation of provider quality of care

Medical Information Guide

Empowers injured workers to obtain the care needed for their treatment

  • Provides all the information an injured worker needs about their care
  • Accessible real-time on the web or in PDF
  • Enables injured workers to easily navigate their employer’s program

Enhanced Provider Panels

Efficient state compliant panels

  • Provides supporting documentation for mandatory and non-mandatory states
  • Quickly locates verified and preferred providers
  • Creates customer-preference driven panels
  • Delivers real-time reporting to maintain accuracy

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