Employer Social Security and Disability Insurance | GENEX Services

Carriers & Self-insured Employers

GENEX provides nationwide Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) representation services for claimants who are referred by insurance carriers and self-insured employers.

Our representatives have significant experience representing disabled claimants before the Social Security Administration. Our team of Social Security attorneys and specialized claims staff focus on early intervention, with consistently high award rates.

GENEX representatives file applications and appeals at all levels. Our representatives keep current on the latest SSDI policies and procedures by maintaining close working relationships with all entities related to the social security process.

Partnering with us provides the following benefits:

    • Eliminates the claimant's direct dealings with all Social Security offices
    • Develops and submits the medical record, and appears at administrative hearings with the claimant
    • Counsels the claimant regarding Social Security entitlement and overpayment recovery obligations
    • Provides onsite file reviews and partnership meetings
    • Offers client training and technical support
    • Offers certified Medicare counseling service

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