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As an adjuster or claims handler, you have a hectic job with a lot to manage and little time. So we’ve put together this tailored resource section to help you quickly sort through all the industry clutter. Here you will find the most relevant content to help you achieve better results and close claims faster.

Our services have been proven to improve return to work by more than 35% over national benchmarks, and we’d like to share our expertise with you. With a national presence and local focus, rely on Genex to help you improve the lives of injured workers every day.



Upper Extremity Injuries: Arm and Wrist

March 8, 2018

Hand and wrist injuries are a growing concern in the workplace, causing 110,000 employees to lose work days annually. In this webinar, workers’ comp professionals will learn how to identify work- ...


Chronic Pain Therapies

June 7, 2018

Pain management is often the most difficult obstacle in progressing toward return to work. ...


Knee Injuries: Treatment Options

August 16, 2018

Knee injuries make up a large percentage of the work-related claims treated in the ...


The Quality Divide: What Makes a Quality IME Physician?

By Michael Valasek, Vice President, IME Services at Genex Services

Risk & Insurance: The Power of Community

After a catastrophic injury, this real-life robocop was able to walk again thanks to a ...

NWCDC 2017: 'Robocop' Tells Audience 'Just Because You Are Disabled Doesn’t Mean Your Life is Over'

Bernalillo County (NM) Sheriff's Office Deputy Jeremy Romero's partner looked into his ...

The Quality Divide: Is Your Vendor Driving IME Excellence?

By Michael Valasek, Vice President, IME Services

Inside Workers’ Comp Blog

On the Border - State Regulations & Comp Costs

Did you know if a worker gets injured in one state, but lives in another, he may be restricted from receiving case management services from a nurse in the state he resides? Genex’s Chikita Mann, MSN, RN, CCM, ...

States Get to Work on Workers’ Comp

As the Senate

Managing Catastrophic Cases: Best RTW Strategies for the Worst Workplace Injuries

Catastrophic workplace injuries present far-reaching complexities that go beyond the ...

Rigorous vs. Permissive Utilization Review: Beyond the ‘Rubber Stamp’

All utilization review (UR) programs are not created equal, and picking the inferior ...

From the Heart

How to Save a Life

Beverley Brown, RN, CRRN, CCM, was assigned a workers’ comp case involving a police department aide who had been diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) of the ankle.

Through the Fire

Deana Schilk, RN, CCM was assigned a case where an injured worker sustained serious 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his right arm, face and head.

Big Picture, Big Success

Lisa Armstrong, BSN, CRRN, RN-BC, CCM was referred to a case where a wood shop machine malfunction causing a piece of molding to launch 100 mph toward a custom cabinet maker, striking him in the right temple.

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