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Genex’s nationwide Independent Medical Exams (IME) for workers' compensation, auto and disability payers eliminates provider risk, enhances physician exam and report quality and reduces administrative burden. Only Genex uniquely integrates hard data, clinical expertise, and rigorous QA standards to deliver an easy-to-use, trustworthy IME process so you can receive an accurate, defensible decision, every time.

Comprehensive Nationwide Coverage

Access only the highest-quality providers. We analytically vet and continually measure the quality of IME providers. We arm our top providers with as much information as possible, to ensure you receive an independent, accurate, and defensible decision.

  • 42 years managed care experience
  • 25k network providers nationwide
  • 35k unique provider locations

Extensive Knowledge

Our clinical expertise is integrated into our IME program and network management to provide a higher level of care, utilizing both local knowledge and health care expertise throughout the IME process. We also have case management services available to assist in managing complex IMEs.

  • 10-12 days from referral to report
  • 2 step quality assurance process
  • 1,600+ field case managers nationwide

“I use Genex IME because it is very easy to make a referral and the job always gets done without any issues. When I need something I always get a live person.”

Brian S., Adjuster

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Genex’s Unity® IME portal is a sophisticated managed care platform that enables claims payers to easily refer and orchestrate services individualized to each claim, accelerating positive outcomes.

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Are You Getting the Greatest Value From Your Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs)?

Designed to boost your IME knowledge from basic to advanced concepts, this informative eBook will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of what is needed to receive a quality, defensible report so you can make better claim decisions and take data-driven action to control claim costs.

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