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Genex is the largest and most trusted provider of expert clinical services. We enable workers’ compensation payers and risk mangers to transform their bottom lines by reducing total cost of risk for workers’ comp and disability management. We are the only company that delivers the highest-quality clinical services enhanced by intelligent systems and 360° data analysis to consistently drive superior results.

Our Solutions

Workers’ compensation and disability payers and risk managers rely on Genex to deliver superior results and transform their bottom lines

Manage Employee Injuries

Rely on specialized clinical knowledge, assured quality, and responsive program design to achieve superior outcomes.

Navigate Claims

Genex’s nationwide Independent Medical Exam(IME) program for workers' compensation, auto and disability payers eliminates provider risk, enhances physician exam and report quality and reduces administrative burden.

Manage Disability and Absence

Provide high-quality, customizable services driven by specialized disability management expertise to help payers reduce claims costs, improve processing efficiency and comply with regulatory requirements.

Social Security Disability

Ensure your disability cases are handled the right way, at the right time.

Genex of Canada

Specialized health management services in Canada, focused on controlling health care costs and reducing disability expenses.


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September 21, 2021

Restoring Lives: 2021 Heart of Case Management Awards

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September 7, 2021

Risk & Insurance: Why Nurse Case Managers Are the Perfect Champions for the Biopsychosocial Model in Workers' Comp

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