Ticket to Work

Social Security's Ticket to Work Program supports career development for people with disabilities, enabling them to reenter the workforce.

Keep Your Benefits While You Explore Employment, Receive Vocational Support & Gain Work Experience

Ticket to Work is designed to help people with disabilities progress toward financial independence, allowing them to maintain SSDI and SSI benefits while exploring employment opportunities, receiving vocational support and gaining work experience. The program is free, voluntary and open to beneficiaries ages 18-64.  

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Goals of the Program

  • Offer beneficiaries with disabilities expanded choices when seeking service and supports to enter, re-enter and/or maintain employment;
  • Increase the financial independence and self-sufficiency of beneficiaries with disabilities; and
  • Reduce and, whenever possible, eliminate reliance on disability benefits

Advantages of Participating

  • Free service to ticket holders as the fee is paid by the Social Security Administration
  • Return to work without automatically losing access to your Social Security Disability payments
  • If unable to continue working because of the same disability, expedited reinstatement of original benefits, without the need for a new application
  • Ability to continue to receive Medicare for up to 7 years
  • Protection from continuing disability reviews (CDR) while you are participating in the Ticket Program and progressing towards your employment goal.

The Genex Advantage

  • Genex has been providing vocational and return-to-work services for more than 42 years
  • All communication with Social Security can be handled by Genex to include the reporting of earnings to SSA which can help avoid overpayments
  • A personal vocational counselor will be assigned to each ticket holder and will work to assess and develop an employment strategy unique to each individual


Overview of Services

Career Planning
Resume Assistance
Job Search Assistance
Interview Preparation
Employment Retention Assistance

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