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As an adjuster or claims handler, you have a hectic job with a lot to manage and little time. So we’ve put together this tailored resource section to help you quickly sort through all the industry clutter. Here you will find the most relevant content to help you achieve better results and close claims faster.

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Ethics: Fraud and Abuse in Claims Management [Recording]

September 24, 2020

Course participants will learn how to identify and prevent fraud as it pertains to case managers, adjusters and claims managers in workers' compensation. The speaker will outline the prevalence for fraud and ...


IME: Tools to Determine Return to Work Status [Recording]

This course will discuss tools and services available to assist the case manager and ...


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Cases in WC [Recording]

This course will focus on post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition characterized by ...


Practical Guidance to Improve Your Bottom Line Through IMEs [Recording]

Rising healthcare costs continue to put a pinch on employer ...


Risk & Insurance: How Case Managers Can Assist Employees Who Are Delaying Care Due to COVID-Related Anxieties

Injured workers may try to delay treatment over fears that they will contract ...

WorkCompWire: Catastrophic Case Management: Strategies to Foster Best-Possible Outcomes

By Mariellen Blue, National Director of Case Management and Tim Howard, Senior Vice ...

WorkCompWire: Ensuring Seamless Ancillary Services for Catastrophic Claims

By Carlos Cordova, Director of Operations , Priority Care Solutions, a division of ...

Inside Workers’ Comp Blog

Using Risk Prediction Technology to Move Claims Forward

Technology is playing a larger role in helping comp claims progress. In today’s Inside Workers’ Comp, Bobbie Doyle, director of utilization management at Genex, explains the ins and outs of a program designed to ...

Using the ODG’s Treatment Analyzer on Outcomes to Improve RTW

Workers’ comp professionals rely on the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) to help guide ...

How QA Can Make or Break Your IME

The independent medical exam is a valuable tool to move claims forward. But even the ...

Making Telemedicine Work for the Tech Deficient

When a claimant doesn’t have the right technology for a telemedicine appointment, claim and ...

From the Heart

Off the Street and Safe from COVID

Rebecca Almskog, RN, BSN, CCM was assigned to a case involving a homeless injured employee with several comorbidities who was on the streets during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Getting it Right Makes All the Difference

Dianna Zellerman, RN, BSN, CCM was assigned a case affecting a paraprofessional who slipped and fell on an icy pavement, injuring her right foot.

Experience Matters in Restoring Lives

Kayla Payne, RN, BSN, CCM was assigned a case involving a man working on a conveyer who accidentally had his hand get stuck in an augur.

Breaking Down Barriers

Mariana Diaz, BA, CPDM managed a case including four plant employees attempting to free up a plug in an asphalt-filled line and then were sprayed with 25 gallons of asphalt.

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