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As an adjuster or claims handler, you have a hectic job with a lot to manage and little time. So we’ve put together this tailored resource section to help you quickly sort through all the industry clutter. Here you will find the most relevant content to help you achieve better results and close claims faster.

Our services have been proven to improve return to work by more than 35% over national benchmarks, and we’d like to share our expertise with you. With a national presence and local focus, rely on Genex to help you improve the lives of injured workers every day.



Chronic Pain Therapies

Pain management is often the most difficult obstacle in progressing toward return to work. Understanding the root causes, psychological components and associated costs of chronic pain is imperative for workers’ ...


Knee Injuries: Treatment Options

August 16, 2018

Knee injuries make up a large percentage of the work-related claims treated in the ...


Ethical Claims Management

November 8, 2018

This course is designed to assist professionals in better understanding and incorporating ...


Risk & Insurance: Flight Attendant to Nurse Case Manager: A Fulfilling Second Act

Theresa Martin, Genex case manager found her calling later in life, bringing life experience, passion and drive to workers’ comp claims.

Care Management: Empowering Knowledge For Case Managers and Those They Serve

This article originally appeared in CareManagement, and is reprinted here ...

Risk & Insurance: The Power of a Job Description: Cut Claim Time and Prevent Reinjury

Nurse case managers act as a resource of knowledge, assistance and support for injured ...

Risk & Insurance: Empowering Injured Workers to Heal

Educating injured workers provides them with a sense control over their care and their ...

Inside Workers’ Comp Blog

Do You Need a Medicare Set-Aside?

Workers' compensation payers are under increasing pressure to consider and protect Medicare's interests when settling claims. In this edition of Inside Workers’ Comp,  Deborah Robinson Stewart, ...

What’s BIG Diversity?

It’s mid-April, a time when my Outlook calendar begins to beep repeatedly in anticipation ...

Empowering Injured Workers

There’s been a lot of talk about injured worker advocacy and empowerment in workers’ ...

On the Border - State Regulations & Comp Costs

Did you know if a worker gets injured in one state, but lives in another, he may be ...

From the Heart

Home Team Advantage

Theresa Martin, RN, BSN, CCM, was assigned a case when a male sustained serious lower extremity injuries after a stack of pallets fell on him resulting in shinbone fractures on both legs.

Officer Down, but Not for Long

Carrie McCullin RN, CCM was referred a case involving an officer who was in critical condition from multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the head, incurred in the line of duty.

Healing Body and Soul

Dana Schwartz, RN, CCM was assigned a case involving an injured construction worker who was recovering from a fractured leg.

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