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As an adjuster or claims handler, you have a hectic job with a lot to manage and little time. So we’ve put together this tailored resource section to help you quickly sort through all the industry clutter. Here you will find the most relevant content to help you achieve better results and close claims faster.

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Foot and Ankle Injuries including Plantarfascitis [Recording]

Healthy feet are vital for mobility. The average person walks more than 1,000 miles per year, so when a foot or ankle injury occurs in the workplace, it can significantly affect the employee’s ability to ...


Cost Drivers & Complex Claims [Recording]

Detailing the volatility, complications and care needs of an injured worker can often be a ...


Controversial Diagnosis: Fibro, CFS, Multi Chem, Sensitivity, CRPS [Recording]

Upon completion of this course, participants will understand the different types of chronic ...


Claims Challenges, Negotiations & Ethics [Recording]

The role of adjusters and case managers continues to evolve as insurance professionals seek ...


Business Insurance: Reviews of psych claims in comp increase

Requests for independent medical examinations for workers compensation claims with a ...

WorkCompWire: Five Initial Evaluation Issues That May Delay Return to Work

By Mariellen Blue, National Director of Case Management at Genex ...

Inside Workers’ Comp Blog

How PTSD is Affecting Return to Work

Timely and effective return-to-work is the goal of all workers’ comp professionals. Yet, despite the growing concern of post-traumatic stress disorder in the industry, too many injured employees at risk for PTSD ...

DMEC19: A Capital Event

DMEC 2019 is just a few days away and it seems appropriate that

Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace Using the Case Manager Approach

Mental health has traditionally been considered a pariah in workers’ compensation claims ...

Providing a Lifeline to Flood Victims

Genex case manager Lisa Dykhoff travels 700 miles to ...

From the Heart

Shouldering Responsibility

Julie Wilcox, RN, MSN, BSN, CRNA was assigned to a case involving an injured employee was mired in eight months of pain and inactivity due to a significant left shoulder injury which rendered him unable to work or perform activities of daily living.

Early Arrival to Function

Sara Fleming, RN, CCM was assigned a case involving a ramp crew chief who sustained a significant puncture wound after striking his lower leg on a tow bar used to move aircrafts.

From Tragedy to Triumph

Charlene Ramsey, RN, BSN, CCM was assigned a case involving a flight paramedic who survived a helicopter crash in rugged mountain terrain. Despite sustaining multiple injuries, the paramedic quickly attempted to save a dying coworker before attracting the attention of aerial rescue teams by using a flashlight.

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