Disability and Absence Management Specialty Services

STD & ADAAA Services for Employers

We help employers reduce absence management costs and enable faster and sustained return to work. Only Genex complements your employee benefits program with national hands-on disability case management, specialized onsite capabilities, and customizable disability claims management solutions so you can control costs while meeting legal requirements. In order to effectively facilitate absence management programs and disability claims, you need vocational expertise and clinical knowledge to develop the right path for the claim, and promote reasoned, rational decisions, to ultimately manage the claim to a better outcome.

Short-Term Disability

Case management intervention at the outset of a claim enhances documentation and results in improved case management. Genex provides a complete array of disability case management services. With more than 400 nurses and vocational consultants dedicated to this program, our case managers are specially trained in clinical, return-to-work, and vocational rehabilitation case management Our full range of services, custom delivery options, and network of skilled professionals help you effectively manage each disability claim to its optimal outcome. Our nationally-recognized case management practices have been validated over time and are supported by superior clinical and duration guidelines, as well as integrated systems capabilities.

ADAAA Interactive Management While most disability management programs cover transitional return to work, light duty, and stay-at-work (SAW) programs for family medical leave, employers have traditionally paid less attention to the broader ADA Amendments Act of 2008 requirements. This oversight leaves them open to significant Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) violations, in which an individual incident could result in six-figure penalties. Through Genex’s ADAAA Interactive Management program, employers can ensure they’re compliant by adopting consistent management practices to address these requests and allow employees with disabilities to work efficiently. Through its centralized Genex SAW/ADAAA unit, Genex incorporates best practice services to assist employers in developing a documented, interactive ADAAA-compliant process.


Genex provides clinical resources to better manage FMLA requests without your administration program. We provide clinical reviews, second and third opinions, and fitness for duty (FFD) evaluations. Without the requisite medical expertise, or if the medical data is incredulous or conflicts with known facts, it may be difficult for employers to accurately determine if an employee is covered under the FMLA. A Genex certified FMLA case manager will:

  • Provide timely and professional clinical reviews of the employee’s medical information
  • Provide an opinion as to the validity of the medical condition relative to the requirements under FMLA
  • Request a second opinion if the medical record is incomplete or does not justify validating continued leave
  • Identify and schedule a third medical opinion if doubt still exists following a second opinion

Customized Programs

If you are losing productivity from employees who are out on STD or LTD and you want more control over your absence management costs, Genex works with you to develop a customized disability claims program that is optimized to fit your company’s preferred level of control. Our experts use a holistic view of your company’s current processes to design a program tailored your unique needs, so you can:

  • Gain transparency into all of your claim
  • Meet ERISA requirements on claim documentation
  • Implement ADAAA interactive management best practice services
  • Reduce your EECO liabilities
  • Free HR from administrative burden to focus on making command decisions
  • Help claimants better navigate claims process to accelerate return to work

Need Better Control Over Your Disability Costs?

To help reduce claims costs, improve processing efficiency and comply with regulatory and jurisdictional mandates, download our brochure. Together, we will begin to build an absence management program to meet your company's unique needs.

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