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Enlyte Article

Enlyte Pharmacy Experts Speak on Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

June 24, 2024

Clients face numerous challenges in managing their workers' compensation pharmacy programs including capturing all pharmacy utilization and costs as well as addressing abuse by price opportunists. In this Enlytening Conversation we’ll dig deeper into these issues and others to find proactive opportunities to address pharmacy challenges through identification, regulation, and continually reevaluating outcomes and analytics to better understand how the right pharmacy partner can positively impact overall spend and claims outcomes.

Enlyte Article

Enlyte Experts Discuss the Benefit of a Holistic Approach to Pharmacy

June 24, 2024

Seizing opportunity within the complexities of workers’ comp prescription utilization requires a holistic approach that manages all transactions to gain the full picture of medications being utilized. This Enlytening Conversation covers key factors for payers to consider that impact pharmacy utilization and cost, including legislative and regulatory challenges, physician dispensing, utilization controls, complex billing issues and cost management solutions that consider therapy as a whole.

Enlyte Case Study

Returning to the Same Employer in a Different Job

June 11, 2024

Learn how Genex's vocational case management helped a young machine operator recover from a traumatic hand injury, return to work, and save his employer retraining costs.

Enlyte Article

Top Trends in P&C Networks

June 10, 2024

Explore key workers' comp provider industry trends, including consolidation, network adequacy, and strategies.

Enlyte Case Study

Specialty Solutions Deliver Brighter Outcomes for Both Injured Employee and Employer

June 5, 2024

Discover how coordinated care and the integration of durable medical equipment empowered a security guard with spinal injuries to gain independence and reduce reliance on home health care.

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Cool Tips for Beating the Heat at Work

June 4, 2024

Summer’s finally here and, as the weather warms up, it also creates some real issues for employees across the U.S. To talk about this issue in more detail, Melissa Martinez, RN, BSN, clinical operations manager of Enlyte’s ClinicalCare24 program, offers strategies to prevent and treat heat-related issues on the job


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