Workplace Productivity Services

Provide Preventive & Return-to-Work Products That Complement & Enhance Our Managed Care Services

Expedite safe and productive return to work through the evaluation of the physical abilities of injured employees and the physical demands of their full-time and transitional jobs. Furthermore, you can reduce future injuries by ergonomically matching the work and the environment to the worker’s physical and psychological needs. Our products are based on defining the physical requirements of job tasks to identify hazards, mitigate preventable injuries, and facilitate return to work.

Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)

A PDA program changes the focus from maximum medical improvement to return to work. This service is the cornerstone of determining causation, medical treatment plans, return to work, and accommodation. A PDA provides a biomechanical description of the essential functions of a job and the physical demands required to perform them.

  • Defines the essential functions in an ADA-compliant fashion
  • Defines the physical abilities necessary to perform the essential functions
  • Matches the physical abilities of employees with job demands
  • Facilitates consistency of treatment and decreases over-utilization

Genex performs more than 230 PDAs each year!

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Reduce risk factors for preventive and case specific situations by utilizing Ergonomic Services. Genex has 90 highly-credentialed ergonomic evaluators nationwide who consider posture, productivity, health and safety, and cost benefit perspectives that will lead to improvements that enable employees to stay at work or return to work.

  • Recommendations to reduce risk factors or correct posture issues
  • Allows an employee to return to work from a repetitive stress injury
  • Minimizes the chance of a re-injury after returning to work
  • Prevents medical-only claims from progressing to lost time
  • Assists in accommodations

Return to Work (RTW)

Implementing formal programs and processes allows for seamless integration of return-to-work planning across the continuum of managed care services. A customizable, step-by-step process to return employees back to full-time jobs through transitional or modified tasks is implemented to ensure safe and sustained return to work. Formal, customized RTW programs help employers to:

  1. Fully customized RTW solution
  2. Forms and letters to assist with RTW
  3. PDAs of full-time positions and transitional tasks
  4. Integrate medical management services into RTW
  5. Integrate with employers’ current processes and partners

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