Social Security Disability

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Our services help companies realize faster offsets, improve overpayment recovery, and reduce claims liability.

Expert SSDI Representation Nationwide: Early Intervention for High Award Rates

Genex offers unmatched Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) representation services for carriers and self-insured employers across the nation. Our team of dedicated Social Security attorneys and claims specialists provide crucial representation for disabled claimants working through the Social Security process. We pride ourselves on our proactive approach, focusing on early intervention to secure consistently high award rates. 

Our representatives skillfully navigate the complexities of the SSDI application and appeal process at all levels and continually update their knowledge on SSDI policies and procedures, maintaining close connections with all Social Security-related stakeholders. 

When you partner with Genex for SSDI representation, we will: 

• Take over direct interactions with all Social Security offices on behalf of the claimant. 

• Offer expert advice to claimants on Social Security entitlement and overpayment recovery obligations. 

• Provide comprehensive on-site file reviews and collaborative partnership meetings. 

• Offer robust client training and technical support to ensure a smooth claims process. 

• Provide certified Medicare counseling services, adding an extra layer of support. 

Choose Genex as your trusted partner for expert and efficient SSDI representation.

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